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Kedem products are designed using skin healing herbs to contain the skin condition while coincidently repairing and rejuvenating the affected area. If treatment is resumed as soon as the symptoms reappear, we can prevent a breakout and keep the problem under control.

MACCABIM Oil for Gums, Healing of Wounds (SKU: hokmcbm)MACCABIM Oil for Gums, Healing of Wounds (SKU: hokmcbm)Ideal for making blue spots disappear, and promoting healing of wounds. Also recommended for coronary problems, and for treating internal hemorrhages.
Keep Away Your Rosacea By Clarifying Brown/Red Pigmentation Spots!
MEDBAR OIL Psoriasis and Herpes Treatment (SKU: hokmdbr-101)MEDBAR OIL
Psoriasis and Herpes Treatment
 (SKU: hokmdbr-101)MEDBAR is a mixture of herbal extracts in olive oil, for treating severely chapped skin. For Psoriasis and Herpes treatment
MESHI OIL Facial Serum (SKU: KPmeshi)MESHI OIL Facial Serum (SKU: KPmeshi)A serum for the evening, to enhance skin flexibility and slow-down aging. The oily texture avoids the need for preserving ingredients. For nourishment, treatment and protection of delicate skin. 30 ml
NIKUZ Herbal Cleansing Tea (SKU: hoknik-101)NIKUZ Herbal Cleansing Tea (SKU: hoknik-101)Neutralizes and drains toxic materials which accumulate in the body during an illness
TISHREI Facial Peeling Mask, Face Exfoliation (SKU: hokfsts-101)TISHREI Facial Peeling Mask, Face Exfoliation (SKU: hokfsts-101)A mixture of crushed Jojoba seeds, crushed leaves of Myrtle and other leaves, for facial skin exfoliation.
TOVA Skin Protection From Cracks (SKU: hoktova-101)TOVA Skin Protection From Cracks (SKU: hoktova-101)Cream for dry, itchy and chapped skin. Protective and soothing ointment for the dry and cracked skin of your hands, feet and lips. Useful during the cold winter months when skin is more prone to dryness. Excellent for dry eczema.
TSUKIM Hydrating Ointment, Eye Cream (SKU: hoksc-101)TSUKIM  Hydrating Ointment, Eye Cream (SKU: hoksc-101)Hydrating and toning ointment. Eye Contour Care Ointment.

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